Thursday, November 17, 2016

Maternal Filicide

             A lot of people think"Why would a mother do such a thing?" It's such a dreadful thing to think about. Imagine your mother ever doing that to you. Imagine yourself if you are a girl doing that to your own child. There will be so much regret. So let's think why these mothers would do an aweful act. In the article it says tat a mother kills her own children because she is hearing voices. It connects to the play "Madea" because Madea also wants to kill her children. Her reason for this was because her husband left her for a younger princess. In my opinion there should be no reason why you should kill your own child. If I were a mother I would feel so much regret and guiltiness after that.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


                I think Taoism can help deepen our understanding of Chinese history because it's very different from other religions. It was. It recorded in emperor's history. Taoism is were you go with the flow. You don't worry too much because you just go through life. Taoism isn't like any other religion. Taoist believe in be treated equally. We know that Taoism is a religion where things happen for a reason and that we have t continue life. The way people look at Taoism is a river. The river flows in one direction and if we are heading the opposite direction we are not going to go anywhere. Taoism says that we should stop fighting and head the direction where life takes us. In my opinion Taoism is very cool because rather than stressing over a bad grade we should know that it's suppose to happen and that it is a sign.

Monday, October 17, 2016

A Hindu in Congress


                    In 2012 Tulsi Gabbard, became the first and only Hindu to be elected for Congress. Her opponent David Crowley says that she doesn't belong in Congress because she is Hindu. What's the big deal? Many people are so afraid of terrorism based on our colors and it's not right.  Being an Indian girl I feel that Tulsi accomplished something big. I was raised in a Indian family and my parents would always tell me to do something in the medical field when you are older. There are so many Indian stereotypes out there.
                    For example, "You have to be a doctor or engineer when your older right?" (Friend)
                    "Why would you think that?" I would reply.
                    "Well your Indian so you have to" s/he would answer. Were not always going to be what we are told to be. Your career should be something you want to do. In the Indian community you were raised and taught to be in medical field. I am very proud that Tulsi is able to go after her dreams and go against her parents. It doesn't matter about the money. All that matters is that when you close your eyes you imagine yourself happy with your career. Tulsi is a brave women who should be very proud of her accomplishments.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Is our world real?

                  There are many thoughts when it comes to this question. Are we in a real world or is it all a dream?  When we think about this question our minds are thinking really deeply. This can be all a dream and God is controlling us like puppets. Or we can be in a real world where we can control ourselves based on our own kids. It's a crazy thing to think about, but what if we are being controlled? What if we are really in a game simulation? I'm imagining myself as a Sims character being controlled by a person playing the game. This is a theory though, a very interesting one. Although I am really intrigued by this theory I don't think it is true. I think we run our own lives. We experiment new things each day. Our minds control what we should and shouldn't do not a video game. But imagining being in a video game is pretty cool.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Story of Job and Holocaust Survivors

                   The story of Job and the article Holocaust Surviors are both similar and different from each other. In the story of Job God wants Job to fear him. In the article the Holocaust Survivors are already trembled with fear. They want God to help them.
                   In the article it says "If God did so many miracles during biblical times, then why hadn’t she seen any such miracles during the Holocaust?" They were seeking for help during this aweful time. Her father explains that God doesn't come whenever we need him, we have to be faithful towards him in order to receive answers and signs. But Mr. Drum did not understand why his father would risk his life for a God that did not do anything for him.  As the question was asked before about the miracles the rabbi replied to him and said that we're lucky to be even survive from a devestating experience and that the greatest miracle of all is that we survived.  The story of Job is similar because they are both seeking for help and they don't know why they are the ones that are suffering. Innocent people are the ones who suffered the most. These people never do anything wrong. 
                 The differences I found in the story of Job and the Article Holocaust Surviors is that in the story of Job, Job is the only one that suffers. The Holocaust had many people that suffered because it was a large group. Also that the people in the Holocaust were always asking why they are the ones the have to go through the cruel expierence. 
                 Both the story of Job and the article Holocaust Surviors are tragic expierences. They were innocent people that went through a cruel and devestating event. They tried their best not to suffer but at the end there is always happiness. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Similarities and Differences

                  The Old testament stories are similar to the story of Job. In both stories God had to test their faith. these stories include Adam and Eve, Tower of Babel and Abraham and Issac. In the story of Abraham and Issac God wanted Abraham to kill his own son so that Abraham can prove his love and faith towards God. In the Old Testament God wants to prove to his people that he is leader and he wants all these people to follow his commands. In the story of Job God tested Job's fear. I don't know why God wants people to fear him because later on when Jesus comes he's no longer so demanding, The difference I found between Job and the Old Testament is that in the story of Job Satan was involved. In the Old Testament stories he was not except for the story of Adam and Eve where Satan was known as the serpent.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Child Sacrifice is horrible

                 The author wanted to spread a message around the world about this article. It's so devestatimg to hear that many children go through this. They are being tortured by these cruel people. These cruel people hurt children with a knife.
                  There was a boy named Allan and he was one of the many that were harmed by these killers. He was put through a coma. A coma is where you are unconscious for a long period of time and it is caused by severe injuries. Allan's dad had to sell the house for medical reasons. When Allan woke up from his coma he was able to identify the person who was torturing him. The guy's name was Awali. He was able to point out which one was Awali in a footage that was shown to Allan. Allan was so innocent. He never did bad things. Awali was a evil person. He would take blood out of children and use it for rituals. Some children were thrown into woods and their bodies would be left there. It's extremely sad to hear that a young child was found dead because s/he has been abuse.
                     The author is telling you that it is important to share this important message. These children shouldn't be abused like this. They did not do anything wrong. Many children die because of this and it's not right. We have to stop it.